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List Bullets Menu Format Formatting Items
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  • Advice Help Info Information Learn More About
  • Alarm Clock Alert Time Bell Watch Schedule
  • Android Menu Grid App View Application Outline
  • Antenna Electronics Signal Technology Wifi Radiowaves
  • Attach Pin Pointer Marker Office
  • Battery Charge Indicator Full Charging Energy Power
  • Briefcase Bag Portfolio Suitcase Business Work Workcase
  • Brightness Half Light Adjust Control Interface
  • Brightness Light Adjust Control Interface
  • Bulding House Address Homepage Page Location
  • Calender Date Day Time Clock Schedule Event
  • Cancel Close Delete Exit Discard Dismiss Remove
  • Chat Bubble Talk Message Communication Comment
  • Chat Chatting Talking Groupchat Communication Comments
  • Chat Talk Bubble Message Comment Says Reply Answer
  • Check Verified Successful Accept Tick Yes Success
  • Clock Time Optimization Schedule Meeting Watch Interface
  • Date Time Schedule Calender Planning Event Clock
  • File Es Explorer Bunch Storage Interface
  • Folder File Explorer Document Office Package Storage
  • Gallery Image Picture Landscape Potrait Album Wallpaper
  • Headphone Handsfree Music Headphones Listening Headset Speaker
  • Help Question Mark Faq Support Ui Interface
  • Hotknot App Sharing Transfer Wireless Teghering Tether
  • Key Access Master Password Lock Login Protection
  • Keyboard Device Input Outline Virtualinterface
  • List Bullets Menu Format Formatting Items
  • Location Place Map Gps Pin Navigation Maps
  • Lock Privacy Security Secure Protected Password
  • Lock Unlock Theft Security Unsecure Unsafe Interface
  • Mail E Mail Email Letter Envelope Message Newslatter
  • Media Play Music Sound Player Multimedia Video
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