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  • Add Web Search User People Book New
  • Alarm Alert Attention Beware Caution Danger Error
  • Alert Attention Danger Error Hazard Exclamation Sign Dangerous
  • Arrow Back Cancel Media Previous Redo Refresh
  • Arrow Refresh Rotate Reload Repeat Rotation Spin
  • Arrow Reload Repeat Rotation Circular Rotate Right Direction
  • Arrow Reload Repeat Rotation Undo Ccw Direction Rotate Left
  • Box Tools Service Hardware Maintenance Equipment Toolbox
  • Check Ok Yes Accept Approve Confirm Tick
  • Check Ok Yes Accept Confirm Tick Approved
  • Close Exit Cancel Logout Log Out Terminate Stop Execution
  • Color Palette Paint Painting Colors Bucket Drawing Draw
  • Colors
  • Delete Clear Cancel Trash Recycle Bin Remove X Cross
  • Delete Close Stop Cancel Remove Erase Reject
  • Delete Recycle Bin Remove Dustbin Trash Can Trashcan Rubbish Basket
  • Equipment Medical Settings Tools Business Phone Gear
  • Gps Navigator Direction Location Map Navigate Navigation Road
  • Heart Love Favorite Like Favourite Favourites Favorites
  • Help Message Info About Bubble Hint Information
  • Info Help Information About Faq Hint Helpdesk
  • Info Question About Query Faq Bubble Hint
  • New Stamp Tag Label Seal Badge Promotion Sticker
  • Ok Select Yes Apply Accept Approve Confirm
  • Ok Yes Apply Accept Approve Confirm Good
  • Phone Home Book People User Account Music Money
  • Remove Delete Exit Close Add Cancel Phone
  • Rotation Arrows Refresh Update Upload Sync Reload Rotate
  • Signature Contract Write Agreement Writing Subscribe Calligraphy
  • Sql Query Help Info Support Information Problem Question Mark
  • Status Web Element Business Label Template Interface
  • Stop Cancel Closed Forbidden Restricted No Entry Not Available
  • User Person Manager Employee Leader Businessman Business Man
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