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Diamond Diamonds Gem Gemstone Jewel Jewell Jewelry
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  • Accept Approve Approved Check Checkmark Success Tick
  • Access Lock Locked Open Openpadlock Padlock Unlock
  • Account Avatar Face Head Person Profile User
  • Account Faces Members People Profile Team Users
  • Achievement Award Bounty Bowl Cup Prize Reward
  • Achievement Award Favorite Favorites Night Star
  • Achievement Cockade Medal Reward Rosette
  • Achievement Cockade Medal Reward Rosette Star
  • Add Addition Create Cross New Plus
  • Add Addition Cross New Plus
  • Add Edit New Newfile Pen Pencil Write
  • Address Addressbook Book Indexbook Rubric
  • Advertising Bullhorn Communication Loudhiler Megaphone Speaker
  • Airplane Flight Paper Paperairplane Paperplane Plane Travel
  • Alarm Alarmclock Alert Clock Time Timer
  • Alarm Alarmclock Clock Time Timepiece Timer Wallclock
  • Alarm Alert Bell Ring Ringer Ringtone Sound
  • Alarm Chronometer Clock Stopwatch Time Timer Wait
  • Alarm Chronometer Clock Stopwatch Time Timetrial Timer
  • Alert Caution Exclamation Exclamationpoint
  • Ampoule Chemical Chemistry Experiment Laboratory Potion Research
  • Answer Connection Reply Sendon Share Sharing Social
  • Answer Reply Replyall
  • Antivirus Defence Defense Protection Safety Security Shield
  • Applewatch Device Smartwatch Swatch Wristwatch
  • Approval Favorite Like Okay Rating Thumb
  • Approve Approved Check Checkmark Done Tick
  • Architecture Building Construction Estate Home House Structure
  • Archive Compress Compressed File Files Zip
  • Archive File Mailarchive
  • Attach Attachment Clip Paperclip Staple
  • Audio Earphone Headphone Headphones Microphones Microphone Music Sound
  • Audio Highvolume Loud Music Sound Speaker Volume
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